the annual Venison Feast

On monday last being the annual Venison Feast, held in commemoration of the defeat of the Invincible Armada of Spain, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and thereby delivery of these Kingdoms from Popery, Slavery and Arbitrary Power. The Mayor, and Aldermen in their scarlet gowns, and the Commonalty in their uniforms, met at the Town-hall and from thence went to St. Martin’s church, where an excellent Sermon was preached on the occasion, by the Rev. Mr. Haines, from Psalm 126 ver. 4, Yea, the Lord hath done great things for us whereof we rejoice. As soon as divine service was ended they walked in procession to the Three Crowns Inn, where a Dinner was provided at which four hundred and eighty persons dined, amongst whom were Anthony James Kecke, Esq; and John Darker, Esq; Members for the Borough, with several other neighbouring gentlemen. Every thing was conducted with great order and regularity.
++On wednesday last at the annual shew of Carnations, held at the Lion and Lamb in this Town, the Prize of 10s 6d for the best and completest broken Carnation, was adjudged to Mr. Burley of this town, the Panther. The second of 5s to Mr. Hopkins of this town, the Panther. The best Bizarre, 10s 6d to Mr. Berrey of Rothley. The second best to ditto. The best Flake 7s 6d by Mr. Smith of this town, Smith’s Royal Oak. The second ditto of 5s, Mr. Newbold of Rothley, Roque’s Marquis of Twedale. The best Picatee, Mr. Glover of this town, the Moland. One hundred and ten Gentlemen, Florists, dined together on the occasion.
++On monday last died Mrs. Chamberlain, wife to Mr. Chamberlain, hosier in this town.
++On monday last was apprehended at Long Whatton in this county, William Jackson, charged with stealing a Coat and Waistcoat, the property of Thomas Scott of this town; a shirt, hat and wig, with 2s in money, from Samuel Grace; a pair of breeches, pumps, shoe and knee buckles, from Samuel Plummer; and also on a violent suspicion of returning from transportation. The persons who pursued him brought him back to this place, and on monday night he was committed to gaol by the Mayor of this Borough. ’Tis said that he was born at Duffield near Derby, that he was ordered for transportation in the year 1763, for robbing the George Inn in Derby, of a Great Coat. — He says himself, that he was tried at Lancaster Assizes for returning from transportation, but acquitted.
++Last week was committed to our county gaol by the right hon. Lord Wentworth, Joseph Green of Earl Shilton in this county, framework-knitter, charged on the information of Mrs. Cooper, of Earl Shilton aforesaid, widow, with burglariously entering her dwelling house, about twelve o’clock at night, with an intent as she verily believes, to have robbed her. Mrs. Cooper was asleep in bed, but upon hearing a noise, she got up and went down stairs in her shift, where she met Green coming out of the shop with the Money drawer under his arm, who run back and hid himself under the counter, but she followed and seized the robber, who she kept several hours in custody, before she could alarm the neighbourhood. ’Tis said she took the fellow up-stairs and kept him prisoner in her own room till she dressed herself.
++On saturday last was committed to the said gaol, by Thomas Pochin, Esq, one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the said county, Jonathan Beeby of Loughborough, carpenter, charged with stealing nine young fowls, the property of Mr. Harrison of Loughborough aforesaid.