suspicion unjustly fell upon the innocent

On Saturday last about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, a farmer returning from this Market was stopt in Thurnby-lane, by a single highwayman mounted on a bay horse with a bald face, had on a blue coat with brass buttons, and a crepe drawn over his face, who robbed him of 18 guineas in gold and some silver and then rode off.
++On Sunday last Anne Preston, wife to John Preston, was committed to the gaol of this borough, charged on suspicion of stealing from the shop of Mr. Wightman, Milliner and Linen-Draper, a great quantity of goods of various kinds.
++And yesterday John Nattrass was apprehended and committed to the said gaol on suspicion of receiving and selling part of the said goods, knowing them to be stolen.
++The above Anne Preston had a child of Mr. Wightman’s to nurse, and on that account had frequent opportunities of coming to his house; Mr. Wightman missed goods out of his shop, but having no suspicion of her, it unjustly fell upon the innocent, one servant was turned away, and others greatly suspected, till on Saturday night last a woman who was likewise concerned in vending some of the stolen goods, came to Mr. Wightman, and gave him information sufficient to suspect the real Thief. From the discoveries already made, since the commitment of the above offenders, Mr. Wightman has reason to think his loss at various times may have been One Hundred Pounds or upwards.