St. Margaret’s annual Singer’s Feast

The Rev. Christopher Hatton Walker. M.A. late of Queen’s College Cambridge, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Earl of Dysart, is presented to the rectory of Kibworth Beauchamp in this County, which together with his rectory of Harrington in Northamptonshire, is worth 500l. per Annum and upwards.
++On Wednesday last being St. John’s day, the Choir of St. Margaret’s in this Town, held their annual Singer’s Feast, at the Three Cranes Inn; the appearance of genteel Company on this occasion, was very numerous, near 100 persons dining together; and many agreeable Pieces of Music were performed by an excellent Band. to the satisfaction of the whole Company, among whom the utmost unanimity and chearful concord subsisted throughout the whole, and proper Stewards were appointed for the year ensuing.
++On Thursday last as Edward Middleton of Loughborough in this County, an infirm old Man, was unloading Hay, opposite to his own door, he accidentally fell from the Waggon and was killed on the spot. The Coroner’s Inquest sat upon the Body and brought in their virdict Accidental Death.