Single-Stick and Wrestling

All Persons who take Delight in the manly and noble Exercises of SINGLE-STICK and WRESTLING, are desired to take Notice, that in the Cross-Keys at Desford in the County of Leicester, on Friday the 27th of this Instant September, will be given the Annual Prizes of a Gold-Laced Hat for the best Gamester at Single-Sticks, and a Pair of Buckskin Breeches for the best Champion at Wrestling. The Wrestlers to have on Cloth-Waistcoats and Turn-Pumps.
++All Champions entering the Lists for the above Prizes, are desired to give their Names to the Landlord of the Cross-Keys aforesaid, by Eleven o’Clock in the Forenoon of the same Day.
++Strangers resorting thither to make Trial of their Manhood and Dexterity, may depend on fair Play.
++A good Ordinary will be provided. On the Table exactly at One o’Clock. The Diversions to begin at Two.