seventeen years a soldier

We can assure the Public, that Mr. Whitley’s Company of Comedians, which are allowed by all Connoisieurs the best out of the Metropolis, will open our Theatre on Monday next.
++On Saturday last was married at St. Martin’s in this Borough, Mr. Gossip. Hosier, to Mrs. Cook, widow of the late Mr. Richard Cook, Apothecary.
++Yesterday, four Companies of the 33rd Regiment of Foot, who have been quartered here for the Winter, marched for Mountsorrel and Loughborough, and from thence we hear, are to march to Derby, as soon as the Assizes are over at that place.
++On Tuesday morning a Serjeant, belonging to the above Regiment, threw himself into the River Soar and was drowned. He left a letter behind for his Officer, which he had wrote the foregoing night, and in which he informs him, that before he would receive that letter, he should be in his watery Grave, that his Accounts were right.—The unfortunate Man had been seventeen years a soldier, and behaved well, but having been lately out a Recruiting, and being deficient in his Cash about four Guineas, is supposed to be the occasion of his committing this rash act. The Jury sat on his Body, and brought in their verdict Lunacy.
++And on Wednesday morning a young Man, servant to a Tradesman in this Town, hanged himself in his Master’s warehouse. The Jury sat on the body and brought in their verdict Lunacy.