seasonable Relief to the necessitous

On saturday last was married at Melton Mowbray in this county, the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Sherrard, brother to the Right hon. the Earl of Harbro’, to Miss Reeve, daughter of William Reeve Gentleman of Melton Mowbray.
++On Monday last Mr. Kecke and Mr. Darker’s gift of 100l. each to the poor inhabitants of this Town began to be distributed, in bread by the several Parish Officers and will be continued every Monday till the whole be disposed of.—A very seasonable Relief to the necessitous, of which there are many Families in this town; and, more particularly so, in this severe season.—Charity, and humanity for our distressed brethren, in adversity, are, undoubtedly very shining Qualities, and reflect the truest Honour on the Possessors. The poor and middling people have certainly suffered severely this winter, owing in a great measure to a real scarcity of grain, which no doubt, has been the occasion of the insurrections that has happened as well here as in other parts of England. They would do well to consider that their Evils cannot be remedied all at once; — the steps already taken by those in power, the example of a respectable neighbouring gentleman who on his own Account, and without motive of lucre, has already imported 100,000 quarters of Wheat together with the many Charities we every day hear of, must convince the Distressed, that every possible means, is taking for their relief.
++Friday’s Mail did not arrive at the Post-Office till eight o’Clock in the evening; the horse having been stuck in a snow-drift; the Boy had the good fortune to disengage himself and with great difficulty got to Glen, where he hired a number of men with shovels to clear the road and set the poor creature at liberty. — The Mail on Thursday was in like manner detained betwixt Northampton and Harbro’.
++Six o’Clock on Saturday morning, when this Paper went to Press, the Saturday’s Mail was not arrived.