Samuel Holmes and Elizabeth Eggerton

On Monday last as Mr. Samuel Holmes, Rider to Mr. Willows of this Town was riding a hunting in Queeneborough Field, his Horse stumbling, he was thrown over his Head and the Vertebrae of his Neck dislocated, which was the immediate Cause of his Death, which happened before any Assistance could be brought, though the Huntsman made up to him as soon as the Accident happened.—On Tuesday the Coroner’s Inquest sat on the Body and brought in their Verdict Accidental Death.
++On Tuesday morning the Body of a new-born Male Infant was found dead, in the house of Thomas Thorpe, in the Parish of St. Mary, in this Borough.—The same day the Coroner’s Inquest sat on the Body, and brought in their Verdict Wilfull Murder, against Elizabeth Eggerton Widow, Mother of the above Infant; who was judged by the Surgeon attending, to be in too weak a State of Health to be examined, relative to the above.
++Late on the same Night died, the above Elizabeth Eggerton, strongly suspected to have poisoned herself, to which Opinion the Physician and Surgeon who examined the body when dead both seemed to incline, but they not finding any poysonous Matter within the Body, the Jury brought in their Verdict, Natural Death, by the Visitation of God.