Rochester’s Jests

This day is published, Price only One Shilling,

Adorned with a Curious Frontispiece (being a merry companion for Christmas Holidays), the Second Edition, with the Addition of many Curious Originals in Prose and Verse,

Rochester’s Jests;
or The Quintessence of Wit.

Containing an entire new Collection of funny Jests, droll Stories, keen Repartees, merry Jokes, excellent Puns, comical Bulls, egregious Blunders and quaint Conundrums. To which is added, The Poetical Puzzler, consisting of a choice Collection of the newest Riddles, Rebusses, Epigrams, Epitaphs, &c. Likewise two original Love Letters. The whole, being free from Obscenity so frequent in other Books of this kind, is calculated to inspire Mirth and Good Humour, without giving offence to the chastest Ear.

Happy the Man who, free from Care and Strife,
In silken or in leathern Purse retains
++++—A Splendid Shilling

Printed for J. Wilkie, in St. Pauls Churchyard, London.