Robert Arnold

WHEREAS a most extravagant and imperious Advertisement, as void of truth as good manners, has made its terrible appearance in the last Saturday’s Paper, in the name of my Uncle WILLIAM ARNOLD; and in which I am complimented with the respectable Titles of Impostor!—mere Servant!—Ignorant and Dangerous Pretender to the ARCANA for distempered Intellects! Amidst so much shameless Invective and Falsity a modest spice of veracity, however small, though it might not improve the Interest, could be no disservice to the character of my Cousin, who held the pen of my Uncle. He might have qualified some Assertions less true with a declaration most notorious, that the reputed Servant dismissed from the care of the Insane, dismissed his reputed Master, still retaining the Patients, not one of which marched off with the Doctor; and I do honestly affirm, that all the Ingredients and Proportion of the usual Medicines, besides additional Instructions from the most eminent of the faculty, are in my possession. When I was in concert with the Doctor, we had but five Patients; I have now no less than 14, and hope my Success since left to myself is a sufficient proof how far I am qualified for the Doctor’s as well as the Keeper’s department. The method of Treatment, and Regimen, by me experienced upwards of 20 years, is, I presume, no despicable consideration. I have likewise Certificates in my Hands as Testimonials of my Care, Humanity and Success which are ready for the Inspection of all Men.