robbed and murdered

On Saturday last William Warding, a poor man of Countesthorp in this county, who was very subject to fits, was found drowned in a Well in the town street of Countesthorpe; from which he frequently used to fetch water. The coroner’s inquest sat on the body and brought in their verdict accidental death.
++On Saturday last Mr. Barker who keeps the Kettering coach to London, and who was always employed every Saturday to fetch cash from Northampton for tradesmen’s bills of Kettering, for which he had a premium of one penny in the pound for carriage, was on his return home from Northampton, robbed of about 200l. and murdered; his horse came home on Saturday evening, and a led horse he had has not been heard of: — He was not found on Sunday, but his great coat torn in two, and some letters, were found; — on Monday his body was found in Waldgrave field, cut and mangled in a most barbarous manner.