Ran away from his Master

Ran away from his Master Arthur Martin of Ashby-de-la-zouch in the County of Leicester, on Wednesday the 17th of this Instant February.
++John Slater, his apprentice, a Boy about 13 Years of Age, strong built, a little pock marked, short brown Hair, broad faced, webbed in the Fingers, a large mark of a burn near his right Breast; had on when he went away a dark Frize Coat, with part of the cuff of his Sleeve burnt off, flat metal Buttons, a New Hat, and had with him a drill Frock, with a change of most other Things.
++Whoever will secure him and give notice thereof to his Master shall be sufficiently rewarded for his Trouble, and if any one shall harbour him after this Notice they will be prosecuted as the law directs.