Prophetic Intelligence


In the Year 1768, the French Nation in violation of all the rights of civil liberty, will seize on the territories of a neighbouring people, whom they will murder by hundreds, merely because they will not voluntarily submit to be slaves.
++In the same year all the other powers of Europe will look tamely on and behold this insult offered to the common liberties of mankind, and not stretch forth a helping hand to succour the distressed.
++In the same year, THREE ENGLISH GENTLEMEN equally distinguished by the bounties of nature, of fortune, and of education, will transmit their names with honour to posterity by a well-timed and noble donation to the sons of liberty in distress.
++In the year 1769, Ignorance and Impudence will put Sense and Modesty out of countenance; whores will be suffered to patrol the streets at noon-day; hireling scribblers will write volumes of essays in defence of injustice; and houses will be broke open while watchmen are carefully guarding the doors—in their sleep.
++In the same year, a number of honest and industrious tradesmen will be discharged from their respective employment for not giving their votes at an election, contrary to the dictates of their conscience.
++In the year 1770, and eminent merchant will become a bankrupt, conceal the greater part of his effects, pay two shillings in the pound, ruin twenty or thirty families, get a certificate, carry on a more extensive trade that ever, and in the year 1774 retire from business with an ample fortune, honestly acquired in the Way of trade.
++In the same year an unemployed, necessitous mechanic will steal a leg of beef to supply the wants of an hungry family, for which he will be tried at the Old Baily, and sentenced to be transported, but will die on the passage of a broken heart, and leave his wife and children to starve on the bounty of the Parish.
++In the year 1776 the English will be the richest people in the universe, for before that time all the poor will have starved to death.