profane cursing and swearing, to the number of 32 oaths

On Thursday last an information was taken before Samuel Oliver, Esq. Mayor of this Borough, against William Mortimer, Catherine Mortimer and Miss Peggy Logan, charging ’em with profane cursing and swearing, to the number of 32 oaths, when they were all three convicted upon the Statute and ordered to pay the penalty, viz. William Mortimer 20s., Catherine Mortimer 8s., and Miss Peggy 4s., which sum of money they went out and collected amongst their friends. They were afterwards charged with assaulting Henry Elliot, and John and Mary Springthorpe, and were all three by the above Magistrate committed to gaol for this offence, and for want of sufficient sureties. The two former are said to keep a notorious bawdy house in the Southgate-street in this borough (and have long been a nuisance to the neighbourhood) of which offence William Mortimer was some time ago convicted and ordered to stand publickly in the pillory; Miss Peggy has long been upon the Pad, and occasionally plied at Mother Mortimer’s. After the man was committed, the two ladies petitioned for time in order to acquaint their friends and procure bail, in which request they were indulged, but after dispatching several fruitless embassies without effect (none being hardy enough to appear) they were obliged likewise to submit, and in all probability will lie in gaol till our next assizes. Miss Logan submitted with great reluctance, complained of the cruelty of her friends, and threatens to make Discoveries, which she is believed to be very capable of.
++On Sunday last an express arrived from the Secretary of State’s Office with a respite for John Douglas, now under sentence of death in our county gaol, till the 5th day of September next. And we hear there are some hopes that his Majesty will be pleased to extend his Royal clemency to this unhappy young fellow, by granting him a free pardon, in consideration of the many useful discoveries he has already made, and the methods he has lain down for the preventing robberies, and the detection of thieves and pick-pockets. A petition in his favour was presented to his Majesty on Sunday last by the right honourable the Earl of Denbigh, together with a memorial of his own services to the state, in consequence of which, Lord mansfield (before whom he was capitally convicted) was sent for to make his report, which is believed to have been favourable as many circumstances of that kind appeared at his trial.
++’Tis said the conditions of this pardon will depend upon the truth of what he has set forth in his memorial; and also a security of 1000l. will be expected for his good behaviour for the future, which sum of money for the above purpose is already subscribed by his friends.
++On Sunday died at his house in this town, Edward Davie, gent; he formerly kept the Turk’s-Head inn, but for many years past has retired from business, and lived upon his fortune.
++On Saturday last in the afternoon, as one George Berridge, late a soldier, was swimming across the river in Syston meadow in the county of Leicester, in order to fetch a bottle of ale from Rhodely House, having on his shirt, breeches and stockings, before he reached the opposite side he sunk and was drowned. On Sunday the Coroners inquest sat on the body and brought in their verdict Accidental.