On Wednesday last the assizes began

On Wednesday last the assizes began here, when Ann Halford was ordered to be transported for seven years. Ann Andrews and Ann Fawkes not guilty. Elizabeth Burrows, discharged by proclamation.
++Last week a terrible fire broke out at the house of John Illson at Keyham in this county, which in a few hours entirely consumed the same, together with the principle part of his household furniture. He has a wife and six small children, which are by this accident reduced to the greatest distress.
++Within this week past several Tradesmen have been defrauded of goods in this Borough, by a Woman pretending to be a servant in the neighbourhood, and sent by her Master or Mistress &c. And though she’s practised this trick for some time past, hitherto has not been detected; this is therefore inserted as a caution that shopkeepers may be on their guard. — She’s a thin Woman about 23, middle size, sallow complexion, much pitted with the small-pox, a long nose with a scar on the left side, wears an oldish printed red and white cotton gown, black silk hat edged with lace, and to give a plausible appearance to her design, frequently goes into the shop without a hat.