On Thursday next begin the assizes

On Thursday next begin the assizes for this borough and county, when the following persons are to take their trials:
++John Lagar, on suspicion of picking the pockets of Thomas Walton and William Waples of a silver watch, 5 guineas, a moidore, and nine shillings and six pence in silver.
++Thomas Oswin, on suspicion of stealing a quantity of beans.
++John Radford and George Lingell charged with breaking open and robbing the dwelling house of Mary Hardy of Thringstone, and likewise charged with ravishing the said Mary Hardy.
++Thomas Pool, charged with receiving goods, knowing them to be stolen.
++John Harriman, charged with stealing several Rabbits, out of Bradgate Park, the property of the right hon. the Earl of Stamford.
++Mary Dunnel, charged with stealing a tea-kettle spout and other things, the property of Mr. Humphreys, of Market Harborough.
++Anthony Serson, charged with stealing an iron-bar, the property of John Adcock, of Melton Mowbray.
++Mary Hines, charged on the coroner’s inquest, with murdering her bastard child.
++Samuel Hulse, charged with stealing a bushel of wheat, the property of Mr. Robert Stephens of Quarndon.
++Thomas Crafts, charged with stealing some fowls, the property of John Bucknall of Castle Donnington.
++Thomas Goodman, charges with stealing a mare, the property of Walter Hollier, of Walton upon Trent.
++John Ward, charged with having obtained by false pretences a chest of joiners tools, the property of Joseph Bailey.
++William Brown, charged on suspicion of stealing a pair of silver spurs from John Heydon.
++Esau Marvin, charged with stealing two odd boots, the property of Richard Shepherd of Leicester.
++Anne Perkins, charged with stealing at various times a considerable quantity of Linen Drapery and Millinery goods, the property of John Wightman of Leicester.
++John Nattrass and Margaret Noon, charged with a violent suspicion of receiving goods, the property of James Wightman, knowing the same to be stolen.