On Saturday night began our annual cheese fair

On Saturday night began our annual cheese fair, the price from 23 to 27s. per hundred; on Monday and Tuesday the price was 25s. where any quantity was purchased. No Riot or any disturbance happened. A few disorderly people assembled on Monday night with intent as they said to prevent the factors from removing the cheese they had bought; but were prevented attempting anything, by three of the most audacious being taken into custody. A waggon the same evening loaded with cheese, the property of Mr. Inkersole of St. Neots was stopped at Odeby, having been followed by an inconsiderable number of people from hence, who took out 11 cheeses, but few or none of the village offering to join them, they were driven from their purpose and the cheeses they had thus stolen were taken from them and restored to the owner.
++We are assured that 20 gentlemen of this borough have subscribed together a fund of 440l. and at our fair directed the money to be laid out in cheese to be sold all winter at a low price for the benefit of the poor. And that another gentleman has likewise purchased a considerable quantity for the same purpose. Every step here has been taken, and will no doubt be continued, to relieve the truly necessitous, and had had we hope the desired effect, all things remaining at present perfectly quiet. The people themselves must take blame upon themselves, if they prevent the salutary measures taken for their relief answering the purposed intention. On the other hand they may be assured, that the power of government will on all occasions be exerted with the utmost vigour and force against every individual who shall dare to insult the execution of law and justice, or by unlawful assemblies disturb the peace of that society of which they themselves are a part.
++We hear from Hathern in this county, that the poor people have restored back to the owners of the chess taken from the boats at Cavendish-bridge &c. as mentioned in our last, all or a great part of what they had taken away. On Friday 7 of the people concerned in the late riots at Cavendish-bridge were apprehended by the Constable of Witwick assisted by a party of the military, who carried ’em to Derby, in which county the facts they stand charged with were committed, and have all been sent to gaol.
++From Sheepshead in this county, we hear that none of the persons concerned in the late riots belonging to that town are yet taken, though warrants are out against several, nor will they at present suffer any of the warrants to be executed by the constable, or search to be made for the cheese.
++In consequence of the late rescue made at Hinkley, of Samuel Kem and James Davis, two of the principal persons concerned in the late riots there, who were forcibly taken from the constable at the Eagle and Child inn, on Friday the 10th of this instant October; where the mob had continued to assemble for that purpose, playing at football from eight o’clock in the morning till four in the afternoon, at which time they broke into the room where the constables had ’em in confinement, and by force and violence rescued the said Kem and Davis, who they Chaired and carried in triumph around the town of Hinkley, caused the bells to be rung and clamm’d as if for a victory, till one of the churchwardens went in and cut the bell ropes.
++The principle ringleader in these riots is a stranger in this country; was the cause of the riots in Hinkley, Shilton, Leicester, Nottingham, Cavendish-bridge, and other places; he is said to have been bred a Lawyer and tells the people they have an authority to commit outrages of this kind, under pretence the goods they take away have been Engrossed, and are forfeited by Law, which he pretends to justify by some fallacious Arguments drawn from the King’s proclamation. The fellow is not yet taken. And the deluded people would do an acceptable service to the public by giving information against this disturber of public peace, this violator of law and government, that he may meet with the just punishment he deserves.