On Friday last the Assize began

On Friday last the Assize began here for this County and Borough, before the honourable Sir Richard Aston, knt. when two persons received sentence of death, viz. John Wilton for Sheepstealing and Joseph Green for a Burglary. Wilton was reprieved and Green ordered for Execution, but at the intercession of the High Sheriff and Gentlemen of the Grand Jury, his Lordship was pleased to reprieve him likewise.
++Thomas Sketchley and William Frisby convicted of Larceny, ordered to be transported for 7 years.
++William Stringer convicted of Felony, branded and imprisoned for three months.
++Thomas Abell, convicted of Petty Larceny, ordered to be publickly whipt.
++William Jackson, Mary Kennedy, and Thomas Hunt, convicted of Grand Larceny, ordered to be transported for seven years.
++Tabitha Hutton, convicted of Felony, to be privately whipt, and imprisoned three months.
++John Tingle, Matthew Batchelor, and John Smith, convicted of Petty Larceny and ordered to be publickly whipt.
++Benjamin Bunney and Samuel Gilbert, convicted of a Riot, Fined one Shilling each.
++John Hilliard, for a Riot, Fined one Shilling and to remain in prison six months.
++Hannah Sutton, convicted of a Riot, Fined three Shillings, and to remain in prison eighteen months.
++Sarah, the wife of Thomas Smith, convicted of a Riot, ordered to be imprisoned one month, and find sureties for her good behaviour.
++Thomas Wright, James Chamberlain and Francis Smith. Not Guilty.
++John Dilks and Thomas Storer, delivered by Proclamation.
++James Davis, convicted of a Riot at Hinkley, fined 1s. and discharged.
++John Henshaw, convicted of a Riot at Castle-Dunnington, fined 200 nobles and discharged.
++Thomas Glover, for ditto, fined 1s. and five months imprisonment.
++Thomas Cheshire for a Riot at Earl Shilton, fined 1s. and three months imprisonment.
++John Page, Tho. Dilks, William Stretton, William Bacon, Jacob Butteri, Francis Holt, William Sherrin, Samuel Kem, John Gates, Edward Lees, Sarah Bolton and Thomas Higgins, Not Guilty.
++John Leeson and Edward Wain, delivered by Proclamation.
++William Rushton to remain according to his former commitment.

++Joseph Cradock, Esq; our present High Sheriff, made a very genteel appearance, and was attended to meet his Lordship, by a greater number of Gentlemen, Tradesmen, &c. than has been known on any former occasion.

++Yesterday was committed to the gaol of this County, James Cam of Belgrave, by William Burleton, Esq; charged on the information of William Marriott of Mansfield, being one of the people called Quakers, on his solemn affirmation, on a violent suspicion of writing and sending an incendiary letter, the contents whereof threatened the said Marriott with instant death, in the cruellest manner which could be invented, unless he looked up and paid to one Cam, son of John Cam, thirty pounds in three weeks.