Mr. Wightman thinks himself obliged

Whereas James Wightman, Linen-Draper, in LEICESTER, has at several times within the last two Years, been robbed of a variety of Linen Drapery Goods, and sundry of such Goods have been sold by the Persons stealing or their Agents at a very great undervalue, inducing great suspicion of the Buyers, knowing them to be stolen, This is to Caution all such Persons, who have bought as aforesaid, not to secret such Goods, but give notice to the said James Wightman, on pain of being prosecuted for buying such Goods, knowing them to be stolen.
++And whereas about six months ago, one Catherine Moor, lived servant with the said James Wightman, (who having at various Times missed a great Quantity of Goods as above) was suspected to be the Robber, and she left her Service. He is now fully satisfied of the Innocence and Honesty of the said Catherine Moor, and thinks himself obliged to do her this Justice.