Mr. Springthorpe in the part of Hob

On Monday night last, being for the benefit of Mr. Robertson and Mrs. Osborne, at the request of a gentleman in this town. Mr. Springthorpe, master of the White-Hart in Ashby-de-la-zouch, was so obliging as to come over from Ashby to play the part of Hob, in the ballad opera of FLORA. The Theatre was prodigiously crouded upon the occasion, with ladies and gentlemen, who on his first appearance received him with uncommon marks of approbation, and which continued during the whole performance. At every period the whole house was in a general roar of applause; and which his extraordinary talent for humour justly entitled him to. He went through the whole exhibition without the least shock or hesitation, as if bred all his life to the stage, and may be truly said to have given general satisfaction to as crouded a Theatre as was ever seen in this place.