Mr. Smith the Portrait Painter

We hear that Mr. SMITH the PORTRAIT PAINTER, who is now in this place, and had executed several striking likenesses, intends for some time to reside here.
++On Monday was held the Annual Singer’s Feast, belonging to the Choir of S. Margaret’s in this Town.—In the Forenoon a Concert of Music was performed in the New-Assembly Room, to which the genteeler Part of the Inhabitants were invited Gratis. And upwards of 200 dined with the Stewards upon the Occasion at the Three Crowns Inn, where an elegant Entertainment was provided. After which several Pieces of Music were performed in full Chorus, Catches, Glees, &c. &c. Notwithstanding the Company were so numerous, the utmost Harmony subsisted, and all present received the most agreeable Satisfaction.
++We are informed that there is now making by a person in this county, an Instrument which its supposed will carry a ball a mile in length and as true as any common gun whatever, and without the assistance of gunpowder.—This Instrument will be in the form of a common Fowling piece (the lock excepted) and may be loaded in one quarter of the time; the barrel will be upwards of 3 feet long, the inside-work the same, and go off in the same manner as a gun. If this Instrument upon Trial, should be thought useful to the public, and agreeable to the Law of nations, the Inventor purposes to disclose the secret.
++On Saturday last, one Francis Barkby who was at work in a Coal Pitt in the Liberty of Swannington, was accidentally killed by some Bricks falling upon him from the side of the Pitt down the Shaft. The Coroner’s Inquest sat upon the Body and brought in their Verdict Accidental Death.
++On Wednesday last as a young Man, Servant to Mrs. Briggs at Kirby Mallory in this County, was dressing one of his Mistress’s Horses, he received a Kick upon his Breast of which he died in a few Hours after. The Coroner’s Inquest sat upon the Body and brought in their Verdict Accidental Death.
++On Wednesday was committed to our County Gaol by the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Wentworth, Samuel Thompson late of Shilton in this County, on a violent suspicion of taking away diverse Pieces of Linnen Cloth, the property of Robert Grimley of Market Bosworth in this County, to the value of 20l. and upwards.
++On Friday se’nnight Mr. Robert Langton a Comber in this Town had the Misfortune to fall from a Cherry-Tree in his own Orchard, and languished till Yesterday Morning when he died.—He was a very honest and industrious Man, and much respected by all who knew him.

* Nehemiah Trubie’s Letter and Epigram came safe, but it is too personal