Mr. Pyke, a barber in this town

On Sunday last was interred in the parish church of St. Nicholas, the Rev. Mr. Andrews late Vicar thereof. In whom he public is deprived of a sound divine and most polite scholar, excellently killed in all human literature, and particularly the classics. He was one of the brightest ornaments to his profession as a schoolmaster — No tyrannical teacher to make his school a scene of sorrow — On the contrary he was beloved of his boys for his delicacy and dexterity of address and gave powerful instructions by his precepts and example, and many of his young gentlemen have done him honour, and assisted him in his illness, and few were willing to leave him till they were sent to college. Thus his school flourished, and by that he made a fortune and by his merit deserved it. His family are mourning the loss of a good husband, father, master, neighbour and friend.
++On Wednesday morning last, Mr. Pyke, a barber in this town, drinking at a public house, after having drank three pots of Ale, undertook for a trifling wager to drink 10 more within the hour, 9 of which he drank; the landlord seeing him much in liquor took the other pot from him; he then attempted to get up and go home, but fell upon the floor, from whence he was taken up, removed into another room and laid upon a bed, supposed to be drunk, but died directly. And yesterday the Coroner’s Inquest sat on the body and brought in their verdict, his death occasioned by excessive drinking.