Mr. Nicholas Richmond, a Pawnbroker

On Monday last at a Common-Hall held for that purpose, Mr. Alderman Gamble, an eminent Grocer, was sworn into the Office of Mayor of this Corporation, in the room of John Westley, Esq; our late Mayor, deceased.
++On Tuesday at a Court of Aldermen, the Rev. James Pigott M.A. Vicar of Wigston, in this county, and St. Nicholas’s in this Borough, was unanimously elected Head Master at the Free-Grammar School in this Town, lately vacant by the death of the Rev. Mr. Davenport.
++On saturday last died, advanced in years, at his House in this Town, Mr. Nicholas Richmond, a Pawnbroker, and one of the people called Quakers. Dying a Batchelor he has bequeathed several thousand Pounds amongst his Poor Relations.—Notwithstanding he died Rich, he lived Poor and miserable, not allowing himself common necessaries. For the last 20 years he is said to have weighed out his Food, and proportioned the quantity to the price; his allowance in Bread was six-pence weekly, which he divided into equal parts and never encreased the quantity in the dearest Times.
—We have been favoured with the following further particulars relative to the life of the late Nicholas Richmond: He for some years worked in a StockingFrame, and boarded with his father and mother.—Upon the death of the latter he commenced housekeeper himself and his father became his boarder, when he soon discovered his most penurious disposition, which he persevered in to the end of his life. His diet consisted chiefly of Bread, Butter, and Cheese, with some times Potatoes, and other cheap Roots, all which he weighed to a dram, e’er he attempted to eat, and always contented himself with two Meals a day, which he sat down to at 9 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, alledging, “That suppers were hard to digest, particularly to old Constitutions.” He never indulged in any sort of Animal Food, and would even refuse it if offered by others, and gave as a reason, “That his natural inclination and propensity for the other sex, required his utmost mortification and abstinence.” A six-penny loaf served him eight days, and this loaf was made in a particular manner, rather in the form of a cake quite flat, and well baked, after which he kept it a week before he weighed out any part of it for; for this piece of oeconomy he would give the reason, “That crust in chewing excited Saliva, and quenched thirst, and consequently saved the expence of Beer, and the trouble of fetching it.” A pint of ale and two quarts of small beer served him seven days, long experience and a little pot being his guide for an exact quantity each day; he would often go near a mile for this pint of ale to have it a farthing cheaper than he could nearer home: Once having the misfortune to break his pitcher at the Alehouse door, he was observed to clap his hand upon his belly, and heard to say, “Thou must suffer for this.” During the time of health, the element of fire was entirely excluded from his dwelling, which he supplied by exercise round his orchard in cold weather.—He was never observed to wear a new outward garment for 30 years; his cloaths he mended and repaired himself, and did the same by his houses, so that he might with some propriety be called a Taylor, Cobbler, Bricklayer, and Carpenter, as well as a Stockingmaker. He never suffered any of his tenements to be white washed (except the Tenant chose to be at the expence himself) and was in general a great enemy to superficial and useless ornaments, and well as every kind of Luxury.—The room in which he lay himself, is said to have never been entered by any other person for 30 years, not even to make the bed; the door or entrance was made exceeding small, so as just to admit his creeping in, and had one window-light consisting of four small panes of glass, and in this Repository he kept numbers of valuable Pledges of various kinds.—With the above Disposition and Management he had amassed near 4000l. which he divided amongst 14 or more Relations, most of ’em in low circumstances.—Since his death, an ill-natured report was spread, that he had killed himself with drinking, having drunk two Gallons of Wine since Christmas, during his mortal illness, but this seems to have no foundation.
++On Wednesday died Mrs. Astlin, Widow, at her house in Church-gate in this Town.
++On Tuesday evening Ann Gotobed was committed to the Gaol of this Borough, charged with picking the pocket of Jeremiah Hughes of a Guinea and some Silver. Committed by John Gamble, Esq; Mayor of the said Borough.