Mr. Magee, so famous for dexterity of hand

MR. M A G E E.

So famous for dexterity of hand, will exhibit his extraordinary Art upon new Principles, at the Theatre in Leicester, every evening next week, beginning exactly at Seven o’Clock. He has had the honour of performing before the foreign Ambassadors, most of the Nobility in the Three Kingdoms, and was in preference to all others pitched upon to entertain the Cherokee King and Chiefs, lately at the British Court, as Advertised in the Daily Advertiser. He introduces many uncommon Experiments upon Cards, entirely new and shewn by no Man living but himself. His dexterity consists of a most surprising and uncommon deception.
++To which will be added the Performance of the noted STRONG MAN, whose stature is but five Feet three Inches, and performs the following particulars. He breaks and Iron Bar across his Breast. He suffers a Horseshoe to be made upon his Breast. He lies between two chairs, and permits a Stone of three Hundred Weight to be laid on his body, where two Blacksmiths, with two great Hammers, shall strike thereon till the same be broken to pieces. This Performance is left to the last, lest it should prove disagreeable to any of the Ladies.
++He will wait upon Gentlemen and ladies at their own Houses upon an Hour’s notice, and perform to any number.
++N.B. His stay in Town will be till the 24th of this Instant and no longer.