Mr. Isdael, Operator for the Teeth

Mr. ISDAEL, Operator for the Teeth from London, has taken lodgings at Mrs. Broome’s Milliner, in the Market-Place, Leicester, where he intends to stay 14 days, and from thence to go the Peacock in Northampton.
++The Public may rely with the utmost Certainty, that nothing but Truth is advanced in the following Advertisement, founded on the most extensive Experience.

Discoveries by Mr. ISDAEL.

Who, by a Series of Practice for many Years, having had the Honour to attend most of the Nobility and Gentry for this Disorder, draws Stumps, and fills up hollow Teeth with Lead or Gold, to prevent them from decaying further, or decaying the next Tooth, and extracts useless Teeth; Scales, Cleans, and Beautifies the Teeth, although ever so foul and black; and makes and sets ARTIFICIAL Teeth, from One to a whole Set, so neat and exact that no person can distinguish them from natural ones; and may eat with them without any Danger of falling out.