Mr. Henry Coxeter, a young Gentlemen

On Tuesday last Mr. Henry Coxeter, a young Gentlemen, late a Lieutenant in the Army, and who for some time past served as Writer to an Attorney, shot himself in a place called the Rowdykes in the parish of St. Mary’s near this Borough. He had taken leave of several acquaintances the day before, and accordingly kept his word. He had with him a brace of pistols, one of which he clapped to his right ear and the other to his left breast, and in the same instant discharged them; this was about noon, and in the presence of a young man servant to a baker, to whom he spoke, and desired him not to come near him. He had served several years in the army, was wounded at the battle of Quebec, and had been in many other actions during the last war. The Coroner’s Jury who sat upon the Body brought in their virdict Lunacy.