Mr. Fisher of Kegworth

Whereas on Sunday Night the 5th instant about twelve o’clock, an Outbuilding belonging to Mr. Fisher of Kegworth was broken open by wrenching off a strong Lock, and likewise a small Spaniel Dog killed close by his House Door, as supposed by a Hammer or some such Instrument, his scull being fractured. The Family being alarmed by the cry of the Dog prevented further Mischief. This is to give Notice that if any Person, whether Accomplice or not, will give Information of the Person or Persons who committed the same, shall on their conviction receive a Reward of Twenty Guineas.
+++++++Kegworth, March 9, 1769.

N.B. Mr. Fisher has provided himself with proper Fire-Arms, and is determined after this Notice, to shoot any Person observed upon his Premises after the Family is in Bed, they being of late frequently alarmed at unseasonable hours.