Mr. Edward’s Bottle

The Public are frequently amused with Advertisements of Specific Medicines calculated to remove, or at least to alleviate every Infirmity that Human Nature labours under, and there is scarce a single instance where in one or other there is not an absolute Cure promised. There is now offered to the World, (and at present only sold by J. GREGORY, Printer in Leicester) a Medicine which the Patron requests no other recommendation of, that what from an impartial trial is justly due to its merit; to enumerate its utility in many Disorders which is founded upon experimental Facts by the Author, might seem rather calculated to promote its Sale than prove its efficacy: He only begs leave to observe, that when the Blood and Juices are vitiated, and circulation and perspiration impeded, it will most powerfully alleviate and promote their discharge.
++In all Leprosy and Cutaneous Disorders, even in their worst Stages, its salutary effects are not to be accounted for.
++In Rheumatic and Gouty Complaints, if properly attended to, will be of greatest service.
++In swelled Necks, or any other White Swellings, arising from a bad Stamina or Obstructions.
++From Colds, the too often bane of the Female Sex, the mechanical affection of this Medicine peculiar to those dreadful effects, is not inferior to any yet known in the World.
++In Surfeits, Agues, and Fevers where the Stomach is vitiated and the whole frame relaxed.
++In number of instances that have bid defiance to every preparation of the Bark, it has met with the desired effect.
++This most valuable medicine for the benefit oF the Poor, will be sold for Three Shillings a Bottle, with a bill of directions, and some very extraordinary Cures well attested.
++Please to enquire for Mr. EDWARD’s Bottle, which to prevent Counterfeits will be sealed with the Turk’s Head.