most gross and evident Falsehoods

Whereas various reports have been raised, and most gross and evident Falsehoods propagated to my prejudice, by wicked and malicious People, in order to defame my Character, on account of some HUMAN BONES found in my Garden at Ashby; I take this method to inform those SCOUNDRELS who pay no regard to Words or Actions, that during my time in the said House I always made it my chief Study to live peaceably with all Men, and never suffered any unlawful Practice to be committed, and challenge Anger, Envy, Malice and the Devil, to prove the contrary. Hold: Stay: I’m going to sound my own Trumpet; No, I’ll leave that for others – – – Witness my Servants that have lived with me ever since I kept the House, – – – Witness my Help-People that have assisted me Night and Day when Business requires, – – – Witness my County-Market Customers, and those who have had large Dealings with me, – – – Upon the whole, Witness my Neighbours, that have been acquainted with me ever since I sucked my Mam’s Pap, and then I flatter myself I shall have that belonging to me which is better than precious Ointment! But if there is any cunning Pretender, knowing Wit, hath any thing to say against the above, let him make it appear in the next Leicester and Nottingham Journal, or for ever hold his Peace.

The Chief motive of this Advertisement is to inform the Public, that I have now taken a house of the Right Hon. Earl FERRARS, the Turnpike Road between Derby, Bosworth and Hinkley; having fixed my Standard upon Staunton Hill, my Motto


under an Opinion that the Storms and Tempests of HELL BORN BABES cannot prevail against it.
++Those Gentlemen that travel that way and favour me with their company, may depend upon civil usage, and every thing that is requisite and necessary to Chear the drooping Spirits of a weary Traveller.
++From their most Obliged, humble and obedient Servant,
Staunton Harold
Nov. 27, 1761