Moses Berrey at the Bell in Market-Harborough

MOSES BERREY at the Bell in Market-Harborough, takes the earliest opportunity of returning Thanks, to his Friends in Leicester, Harborough, &c. for the great Encouragement they were pleased to give to the Leicester Post-Coach, which cannot be any longer continued, owing to a failure in the Connexion on the Road.
++And he begs leave to acquaint all Gentlemen, Ladies, &c. that they may be accommodated at the Bell in Market-Harborough aforesaid, with Neat Post-Chaises, [carrying two Passengers, upon the Great-Road] and able Horses, at Six-pence per Mile. Such as please to make use of my House, may be assured of Meeting with the best Reception in my Power. And a continuance of the favour of my Friends, by recommending my House is an Obligation I shall ever gratefully acknowledge.

A Connexion of running Chaises at 6d per Mile, is formed from Leicester to Leeds in Yorkshire, [upon the Great-Road.] Gentlemen &c. may depend upon being carried at the above fare, in Neat-Chaises, with good Horses, and from Houses capable of accommodating Passengers in a genteel manner.
++Gentlemen’s Post-Coaches with four Horses are forwarded at One-shilling per Mile.