from the Daily Advertiser.

MATRIMONY. Wanted, by a gentleman just beginning house-keeping, a lady between 18 and 25 years of age, with a good education, and a fortune not less that 5000l., sound wind and limb, five feet four inches without her shoes, not fat, nor yet too lean, a clear skin, sweet breath, with a good set of teeth, no pride or affectation, nor very talkative, nor one that’s dumb, no scold, but of a spirit to resent an affront, of a charitable disposition, not over fond of dress, though always decent and clean; that will entertain her husband’s friends with affability and cheerfulness, and prefer his company to public diversions and gadding about; one who can keep his secrets, that he may open his heart to her, without reserve, on all occasions; that can extend domestic expences with oeconomy, as prosperity advances, without ostentation, and retrench them with cheerfulness, if occasion should require.
++Any lady disposed to matrimony, answering this description, is desired to direct for Y. Z. at the Baptist Head coffee house, Aldermanbury. None but principals will be treated with, nor need any apply that are deficient in any one particular; the gentleman can make adequate return, and is in every respect deserving a lady with the above qualifications.