Massays Songs, or the Buck’s Companion.

This Day is Published, Price 2s. 6d. Bound in Red.
(In a neat Pocket Volume, on a beautiful paper and letter)

M A S S A Y S +S O N G S, or the Buck’s Companion.

Being an entire new Collection, containing above an hundred Originals among which are:

Tristram Shandy – Balim nora a Pretty Girl for me – Morduch O’Blaney – Now Europe enjoys repose from her Wars – Goody James – Sportsmans Hall – The Frank – John Anderson my son John – As I was driving my Waggon along – Young Corydon and Phillis – Dumble tutting – How little do our Parents know – Tom Jolly, etc.

With the favourite Songs used in the Societies of this large Metropolis, calculated for the choice Spirits, Masons, Bucks, Albions, etc. by a frequenter of their Lodges.

Printed for Joseph Burd, near the Temple Bar, and sold by all County Booksellers.