Lydia Smith, Confectioner

L Y D I A+ S M I T H
The Upper End of the Cornwall, Leicester

BAKES Large Rich PLUMB-CAKES, from 1s per Pound to any Price Gentlemen and Ladies please to Order; and any Orders given in the Pastry (that’s in Time) shall be punctually complied with, and executed in the best Manner out of LONDON. She sells the undermentioned Goods:

Candy’d Cittron Peel.+++++ Perfumed Comfits.
Orange Peel, ditto.++++++++ Almond Comfits.
Lemon Peel, ditto.++++++++ Smooth Caraways.
Orange Chips.++++++++++++ Coloured ditto.
Lemon ditto.+++++++++++++ Barley Sugar.
Candy’d Angelico.++++++++ White Sugar Candy.
Candy’d ditto, in Knotts.++ The CHYMICAL Way
Candy’d Ginger.++++++++++ Pearl Water or Italian Fluid.
Cast Figures.+++++++++++++ Cold Cream.
French Mottoes.++++++++++ Orange Butter for the Hair.
Creatures.++++++++++++++++ Venetian Paste.
Dry’d Sweetmeats.++++++++ Dr. James’s Tincture.
Wet Sweetmeats.+++++++++ The Incomparable Tooth-Powder.
Retafea Cakes.++++++++++++ Powder for Worms in Children.
Rasberry Cakes.++++++++++ Purging Pills.
Clear Cakes.++++++++++++++ Corn-Salve.
Drop Cakes.++++++++++++++ Powder for a Sore Mouth.
Sugar Rolls.++++++++++++++ Eye-Water.
Savoy Biscuits.+++++++++++ Roll Pomatum.
Macoroons.++++++++++++++ Cake Pomatum.
Diet Bread.+++++++++++++++ Perfumed Powder.
Currant Jelly.+++++++++++++ Camphire and Benjamin.
Calves Feet Jelly.+++++++++ Wash Balls.
Blue and Red Marble.+++++ Chimical to whiten the Skin.

And Clear-Starches after the best manner now performed in London.
++Silk and Thread Gause, Blonds and Trolley-Laces, Brussels Lace, Washed and raised Dresdens, ditto White Silk Cloaks, Hats, Gloves, and Stockings, Muslins, &c.
++Also Mounts and Mends Fans, and sells Fan-Mounts and Fan Sticks.
++French Plumbs, Turkey-Figs, Oranges and Lemons, Chesnuts, Gingerbread-nuts, Tarts and Buns of all sorts.