List of Prisoners to take their Trials

The following List of Prisoners are to take their Trials at our ensuing Assize, which begin on the 20th of March instant.

In the County Gaol.

James Green, charged with Felony and Burglary. — James Page, John Gates, Sarah Bolton, Thomas Dilks, Geo. Leedham, Thomas Cheshire, Thomas Glover, John Leeson, William Lane, Edward Lees, Moses Hunt, Robert Underwood and William Stubley, charged with being concerned in the late Riots in different parts of the county, and other Misdemeanors; but all are admitted to Bail except Page, Cheshire, Underwood, and Stubley. Thomas White charged with Horse-stealing. Thomas Abell with housebreaking. William Frisby with stealing several things of value the property of John Conduit. William Bacon with Felony and Burglary. Jacob Butteris with stealing a hand-saw &c. William Stringer with stealing a quantity of Barley. Thomas Sketchley with Burglary and Felony. Edward Wean and John Wilton, with killing two sheep and carrying away their carcasses.

In the Borough Gaol.

William Jackson charged with divers Felonies. Thomas Wright for stealing a Watch. Hannah Sutton, Sarah Smith, Benjamin Bunney, Nathaniel Hurst, John Gilbert and John Hilliard, with Rioting and other Misdemeanors. Tabitha Hutton, with stealing a silver spoon. John Hunt with stealing a silver cup. Matthew Batchelor with stealing a pair of Leather Britches. John Tingle with stealing two Shirts and several other Things. Mary Kennedy with stealing 29l. in Cash. John Smith and Francis Smith, with stealing several Things of value out of two dwelling houses. And Thomas Storer with stealing a quantity of Barley.