Lecture on Heads


At the New-Theatre in the Haymarket, Leicester, this present Evening November 16, being the Second Night of the Performance, and to continue the four following Nights, will be Delivered the celebrated LECTURE on HEADS.

Part I

Introduction — Alexander the Great — Cherokee Chief — Quack-Doctor — Cuckold — Lawyer — Humorous Oration in praise of the Law — Horse Jockey’s — Nobody — Lottery of Life — Nobody’s, Somebody’s, Any-Body’s and Every-Body’s Coat of Arms — Family of Nobody — Vanity — Wit — Judgement — Genius — Architecture — Painting — Poetry — Astronomy and Music — Statues of Honesty and Flattery.

Part II

Ladies-Heads — Riding-Hood — Ranelagh-Hood — Billingsgate — Laughing and Crying Philosophers — Venus’s Girdle — Cleopatra — French Night-Cap — Face Painting — Married Lady — Old Maid — Old-Bachelor — Lass of the Spirit — Quaker — Two Hats Contrasted and Two Heads Contrasted.

Part III

Physical Wig — Dissertation of Sneezing and Snuff Taking — Life of a Blood — Woman of the Town — Tea-Table Critic — Learned Critic — Stock-Jobber — City Politician Humorously described — Gambler’s three Faces — Gambler’s Funeral and Monument — Life and Death of a Wit — Head of a well known Methodist, with a Tabernacle Harangue.

PIT 2s. GALLERY 1s. The Doors to be opened at Half an Hour after Five and to begin at Six o’Clock.