Last night the assizes ended at Northampton

Last night the assizes ended at Northampton, when John Coxford, Benjamin Deacon, and Richard Butlin, received sentence of death, for the Murder of a travelling Pedlar (name unknown). The facts that appeared upon the Trial, were such as no Age or History can produce their equal. The circumstances of the Murder were so shocking to human nature, that the whole Court shuddered at the relation; the barbarity attending it, and the horrid methods made use of to prevent its being discovered, cannot be conceived to be suggested on this side hell. The particular narrative of this Trial is now in the hands of the Printer of this Paper, and will be made public as soon as possible.
++Coxford was likewise convicted of committing a highway robbery on Shrove Tuesday last, between Towcester and Brackley, by robbing a gentleman of his watch and twenty-five shillings in money.
++They were all three ordered for execution as this day, and their bodies given to the surgeons.
++At the assizes for this county, which begins on the 15th of August instant, only two prisoners will take their trials, viz. William Lewin, charged with stealing two hives of bees from Samuel Foreman of Mountsorrel, two hives from Samuel Wilkinson of Cossington, and two hives from William Hall of Walton-on-the-Woulds. — Thomas Smith, charged with defrauding his master Mr. Edward Johnson, of Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds.
++On Saturday last was committed to the county gaol by the Rev. Mr. Thomas Willey, Clerk; Holmes Robinson, charged with stealing a bay mare, the property of John Ireland, jun. at Stamford in Lincolnshire.
N.B. This is the same person suspected of stealing a horse from behind Mr. Morley’s waggon, on the road between Quarndon and Loughbro’, on the 14th of July last, which horse was advertised in our last paper. ’Tis supposed he took Mr. Morley’s horse into Lincolnshire and hath sold him, but at present denies this.