John Tugby, the elder

On tuesday last was committed to the county gaol, by William Tilley, gent. Coroner: John Tugby, the elder, of the liberty of Worthington near Coleorton, charged on the Coroner’s Inquest with the Wilful Murder of his son John Tugby the younger, a young man about 25 years of age. — This melancholy affair is said to have happened as follows: On monday morning last John Tugby the elder, was differing with and beating his wife, who cried out Murder, which the deceased (who lived near his father) hearing, desired his wife to go to his Mother’s assistance; upon her going in the Father beat and abused her; the deceased then went in to his wife’s assistance, and a scuffle ensued betwixt him and his Father, who struck him several times; at that the deceased and his wife got out of the house as fast as they could, the Father followed them, saying he would be Revenged, and after some words had passed betwixt him and the deceased, the Father took up a large hedge-stake out of the son’s garden, and with is gave a violent blow on the son’s head, of which wound he died in about three hours.
++At Sileby in this county, ’tis said 36 people have been bit by a mad-dog; amongst which are some whole families. All, or the greater part of whom, are set out for the Salt Water.