John Kemp, a reputable Farmer

Wednesday last an Inquisition was taken on the body of John Kemp, a reputable Farmer at Ratby in this county, who was found hanging in a Stable adjoining to the House. He was discovered by a Shoemaker, a neighbour, who cut the rope; he was quite warm when found, but no signs of Life. The Jury brought in their verdict Lunacy.
++A few days ago one Ann Perkins, a Scotch-Woman, was committed in London, by Sir John Fielding, for a trifling Felony. She is supposed to be the Person who was transported from this Town, about three years ago [i.e. March 1766], for robbing the shop of Mr. Weightman to a very great amount; and we are assured that Sir John Fielding has written to Mr. Jordan, the Keeper of the Common-Gaol on that occasion; and Mr. Coulson, the Keeper of the Town-Gaol (in whose Custody she then was) is requested to attend the first day of the nest session at the Old Baily.
++We can assure the Public, that the Inhabitants of Gallowtree-gate in this Borough, have raised a Subscription for erecting Lamps, at regular distances, for lighting up that street during the dark nights:——It is much to be wish’d an example so laudable, and useful, may be copied by the Inhabitants of the other parts of this Borough.