John Grice, convicted at our last assize

On Sunday morning last died at the Three-crowns inn in this town on his way to Bristol (whither he was going for the recovery of his health) the right honourable lord Rollo, late lieutenant colonel of the 22nd regiment of foot and colonel by brevet, aged 61; — and on Wednesday evening his corpse was buried in St. Margaret’s church yard, attended by the Leicestershire regiment of the Militia, and all the military in town. — The procession was conducted in the following order: a captain’s guard of 100 men, arms and pikes reversed, — drums and fifes covered in black, playing the Dead-March in Saul, — clergy — the corpse — the pall supported by six officers, and upon the coffin lay his Lordship’s sword, sash and gorget; — the residue of the corps and other officers in town as mourners, — and the procession closed by the remainder of the regiment two and two. At committing the body to the earth, they fired three vollies; and after the burial service was ended, returned with the greatest order. There was an incredible number of people, lined all the streets to see the procession pass, which was very solemn and awful. ’Tis said his lordship before his decease, requested of his lady, to have his body laid in the church-yard, in as open a place as might be and as much like a soldier as possible; he was accordingly deposited on the top of the Mount on the north-side of the church.
++John Grice, convicted at our last assize of robbing, beating and abusing Charles Ludlum, a boy about twelve years old, has obtained his Majesty’s most gracious pardon, on condition of serving during life, in the 66th regiment of foot, now doing duty in Jamaica, and on sunday last was taken away by a party of the King’s own regiment of dragoons. Before he left the gaol he gave away his coffin to one of his fellow prisoners, telling him, “it was paid for, was now of no use to himself, and as he expected he would come to be hanged, he was very welcome to it.”