It was Mr. Brewin, Tanner

It was Mr. Brewin, Tanner in Leicester, that was married to Miss Barratt (and not Mr. Brewin Felmonger as mentioned in our last paper).
++On thursday night last died at his house in this town, Mr. Hodges sen.
++On Tuesday last a man at Wilbarston climbing a walnut tree, at East Carlton in Northamptonshire, fell from it and expired in a few hours.
++Monday last a poor woman at Thornton in this county, getting up early in the morning to go out to wash, leaving in bed 2 children, the younger of which getting up before the mother’s return, its shirt unfortunately took fire and it was burnt to death.
++At the general quarter sessions of the peace held for this borough on Monday last, Frances Banger, a woman of ill fame, convicted of stealing a cloak, was ordered to be transported for seven years.
++Information having been given to Mr. Frances Stone, Mercer and Draper in Nottingham, that a large chest supposed to contain several goods his property, was lodged at a house in this town; on wednesday last he came over, and having obtained a warrant he seized the said chest, upon opening of which before the Mayor of this borough and Mr. Alderman Reid, it was found full of diverse kinds of goods, to the amount of 50l. or upwards, several of which Mr. Stone swore to, and which he supposed must have been stole by Josiah Young, his servant; upon this discovery he returned immediately to Nottingham, but we hear, found his servant fled. The above box of goods were sent by the Carrier in May last, where they have remained ever since.
++At our Fair which began yesterday, the best Cheese sold at 29s per Hundred.