It is said by the Virtuosi

It is said by the Virtuosi, who have seen and examined the Living extraordinary Production, exhibited at present in Leicester, that they are a most amazing Collection, the Lions are greatly noticed for their Docility and Majestic appearance: The real Oriental Tyger strikes at first view with Pleasure and Surprize at its Noble Size and beautiful Form. The Stupendous Highgine who weighs upwards of thirty hundreds greatly pleases the judicious as well as the Publick in General, there are many other extraordinary Phaenomenon besides the above mentioned: they will continue in Town positively no longer than this Day, will on monday proceed either for Ashby-d-la-zouch of Loughborough, at the latter the Proprietor has had several invitations, will be at Birmingham on the 11th of next month, and at Coventry the 19th.