in the Swines-Market

On sunday last was committed to the Gaol of this Borough, by William Holmes Esq; Mayor, Benjamin Bunney, charged with secreting himself on Saturday Night last, in the shop of Mr. Eburne, Grocer, with an intent to rob the said Shop. Mr. Eburne found him laid down behind the Counter, without his Hat or Shoes, about 12 o’Clock at Night; the Watch being at that time going their rounds, he was delivered to their Care, who secured him in the Guardhouse till morning.
++Saturday last a young fellow tending some pigs in the Swines-Market in this Borough, one of them being in danger of being run over by a broad wheeled Waggon then coming loaded down the Street, and catching hold of the pig’s leg with an intent to draw it back, by a sudden pluck he was drawn on his face between the fore and hind wheels, which went over his body. He was put to bed at the King’s Arms, and proper assistance procured, and we hear he is in a fair way of recovery.