in the severe storm which happened on Sunday

We learn from Nottingham, that in the severe storm which happened on Sunday last in the afternoon, one ____ Ward, a labouring man (something in liquor) going home from Wilford to Clifton, being baffled by the violence and severity of the storm and cold, had the misfortune to be starved to death, and was found in Wilford field the next day. — And that same evening, a corn stack, belonging to Mr. William Birch of Sneinton (a village very near that town) was blown down, and a Cow big with Calf, an Ass with Foal, and three Swine, being got near it for shelter, were all unfortunately smothered, and found dead under it next morning.
++Last week died Edward Smith, Esq: many years the worthy representative in parliament for this county. A gentleman that both deserved and enjoyed the esteem of all his constituents, as he always strenuously asserted the rights and liberties of his fellow subjects both in church and state. As a magistrate he was mild and merciful, taking all opportunities to make up mistakes amongst his neighbours. By his nature he was generous and liberal: his devotion pure and sincere; his address easy and affable. As a husband, friend and master, he had few equals. In a word there is nothing but good to be said of him.
++We hear from Causby in this county, that on Monday morning last a poor man was found dead in the fields about half a mile from the town; he was a shoemaker and lived in Causby, and had been on horseback with his daughter to Lutterworth, from which place, returning on Sunday evening, he is supposed to have lost his way and perished with cold.
++On Thursday night last one Thomas Stevenson, a journeyman shoemaker, being intoxicated with liquor, and returning to his lodgings, he fell down near the top of Church-gate, and yesterday morning about three o’clock a waggon going to Ashby accidentally drove over his body; and about six in the morning he was found dead.