in the garden of Robert Shirley Esq.

On Monday last was married at Causby in this County, Mr. Richard Wheatley, aged 75, to Mrs. Elizabeth Ringrose of the said place, aged 84.
++There is now in the garden of Robert Shirley Esq. at Birstall near Leicester, several Apple-trees in blossom, and the Fruit in many places set.
++On Friday the 18th instant died at Sheepshead in this county, greatly lamented, the Rev. Mr. Heath. — To sum up his Character in a few words; he was a good Christian, a sincere Friends, and a constant Benefactor to the Poor.
++Last week was committed to our county gaol, Thomas Astle charged on the oath of Mr. Dunn of Basford near Nottingham, on suspicion of having early in the morning of the 5th day of October instant, stole out of a stable of the said Mr. Dunn, a bay horse, which horse was found in his possession at Wimeswould in this county, where he was apprehended: The above Thomas Astle, who is supposed to have been guilty of several Felonies, was born at Gadsby in this county, where he lately lived with Francis Bestle of Gadsby Lodge, and last with Thomas Yeoman of Normanton on Soar. He’s about 20 years old, 5 feet 6 inched high, has brown short hair, sharp face, pitted with the small-pox, sharp nose, grey eyes and light eye brows, is raw-boned, but smallish legged and goes bangeling, had lately a great deal of warts on both hands which seem to be going off.
++On Wednesday last Deborah Loe, a poor woman who lived at a house upon the Waste, in the parish of Barrow, being disordered in her senses, hanged herself in her chamber. — The coroner’s inquest sat on the body, and brought in their verdict, Lunacy.
++On Thursday last, Eleanor Mason, a poor woman of Knighton, who had been some time before in a low melancholy state, hanged herself in the chamber of her dwelling house. The Coroner’s inquest sat on the body and brought in their verdict Lunacy.