In Mr. Hill’s Orchard

Whereas some malicious and ill-disposed Person or Persons, have destroyed, taken and carried away, Eight Turkey Eggs, ready to hatch, from the Hen-Turkey sitting in the Manger of a Stable in Mr. Richard Hill’s Orchard, in the parish of St. Nicholas in Leicester, and the Young Ones in the Shell of the Seven Eggs now remaining with the Hen are dead, supposed to be owing to the hen being disturbed on Tuesday Night last from her Nest, when the other Eggs were stolen and taken away.
++These are therefore to give Notice, that if any Person or Persons (Accomplice or otherwise) will discover the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they may be convicted thereof, shall receive of the said Richard Hall, as a Reward, upon such Conviction, the Sum of Two Guineas; And as a further Encouragement, for any Person or Persons either Accomplice or Accomplices, making such Discovery as aforesaid, no prosecution shall be carried on or commenced against him or them.