in consequence of this Advertisement


A Real Object of Compassion, craves their Assistance; a WIDOW, who has from her Youth, borne an unblemished Character for Honesty and Industry.–She had the Misfortune in younger Life to be stript of every Thing, by the Extravagance of her Husband, who died Insolvent, notwithstanding which, by the greatest imaginable Frugality and Care, she made shift to save enough to pay off the whole of her Husband’s Debts, which she punctually performed, and in consequence of the same Care and Diligence, found herself ten to twelve Years ago, possessed of Fifty Pounds;–at that Time, she became unable to support herself by Business, and has lived upon this Sum till the present Time; when at the age of Fourscore Years, she sees herself reduced to the small remains of her last Guinea; but in consequence of this Advertisement appearing in the last Journal, she has been kindly assisted by several unknown benefactors, particularly by a Guinea from one Person, from two, Five Shillings, and some other smaller donations, for which she takes this public method of returning her most grateful Thanks; hoping at the same Time, she may farther Experience the beneficence of the well-disposed, that she may not again be reduced to her late extremely alarming circumstances, which the tenderness of every Humane Heart, will dread for her. — and to those only does she apply.
++The Truth of the above, can be attested to by the Printer of this Paper, by Mr. Marshall near the High-Cross, or Mr. Clarke in Shambles-Lane, who will receive any Donations the Benevolent shall think to bestow.