In Consequence of an Advertisement inserted in our last

In Consequence of an Advertisement inserted in our last Paper, relative to a Mare rode away with from Hinkley, by a Person whose real name is William Grace not John (as there Advertised), we have been able to collect the following Information, and hope the Publishing it will be of Service to the Public.
++William Grace was apprentice to one Turner, a Socking-maker, in the South-gate-street, in this Borough, is believed to have lived a very indifferent Life for several Years last past; about Three Months ago he was advertised in the Cambridge Journal, for a Fraud and a Reward offered for apprehending him. On or about the 20th of January, he in company with Turner, (his former Master) a fellow of notorious Character, borrowed a Horse at Emphingham in Rutland, which he rode away with, and never returned. A few days afterwards at Huncote in this County, Grace purchased a Parcel of Goods, and paid for the with a fictitious Bill for 37l., dated Bury St, Edmunds and directed to Mr. Richard Deeds at the Carolina Coffee-House, and took the difference in Cash of 5l. 10s. 0d. or thereabouts.—At Huncote they left a Black Mare, suppose to be that from Emphingham, which had been severely rode, and died a few days after. At Hinkley, whither they went in a Day or Two, Grace borrowed another Mare (which is that he now rides), she’s a black one about 14 Hands, has a Star in her Face, and the near Foot behind white, has a hurt in her Back, and has a set-fast in it. This Mare was to have been returned the next Day. At Nuneaton they bought a Parcel of Goods of Mr. William Bullock and paid another forged Bill for 15l. dated from King’s-Lynn purporting to be drawn by R. Horsenol at Sight upon Messrs. Fuller, Baker, and Halford, but obtained no Money, and the Goods were stopped in Time. At all these places Turner was with Grace, but appeared little in Sight.
++Turner rides a Black Mare with a bald Face, is a jolly Man, wears a set Wig, and Pock-fretten a good deal, about 5 Feet 9 Inches, is dressed in a suit of Black, over which he wears a blue Riding-Coat,—aged about 35.
++Grace is about 26 Years Old, 5 Feet 6 Inches high, a Fair Complexion, a ridged Nose, a Gold Band round his Hat, dressed in a suit of Black, and blue Great-Coat.