ill usage… of so pimping, pitiful and mean a kind

I beg leave to take this Opportunity of returning my most humble and hearty Thanks to the ladies and Gentlemen who have favoured me with their Custom;—my original intention was only to have staid 10 or 12 days at farthest, but on account of the Opposition I have met with, and the extreme ill usage I have received from some in the Trade [particularly Mr. John Cramant, whose Obligations to me, ought in gratitude to have silenced his Envy, the Service being too recent to be forgot and from whom I did not without reason expect a more friendly Treatment]. Mr. Cramont’s insinuation that my Goods are ‘tumbled rubbish’ is false and scandalous; so gross and palpable an untruth as his own narrow mind alone could be capable of insinuating. Truth cannot bear Contradiction, not can Falsehood when detected, look her in the Face; I appeal to all who have seen or purchased Goods of me, whether they are or no ‘tumbled rubbish’? and whether or not at least 30 per cent under the common shop prices?—This is a fact that I know cannot be contradicted, and I again affirm that Mr. Cramant cannot buy so cheap as I can afford to sell—and not sell at Prime Cost neither.
++The Farther ill usage I have experienced, is of so pimping, pitiful and mean a kind, as scarcely deserving of my Notice; Milliner’s prentices sent as spies, and for hours together had the ill manners to stay in my Warehouse, whilst three of their Masters sat at my door a whole Afternoon making their remarks.—The ill usage of Mr. Cramant, and the dirty and contemptible behaviour of those people hath induced me to continue at Leicester, so long as he, Cramant, shall Advertise to sell cheap, or Messrs. Mears, Ascough, Clark, Weightman, Cart & Co, Ledbrooke, Bamford and Iliff at prime cost.
N.B. I propose to come to Leicester every Year.