Here Love his golden Shafts employs

Last week was married at St. Martin’s in Leicester, Mr. Fox an eminent Surgeon and Apothecary, to Miss Foster, an agreeable young Lady with a considerable fortune.
++On Monday last Mr. Mason, Woolstapler, was joined in the same happy union to Miss Erpe: Also at the same time and place Mr. John Heyrick an eminent Attorney was married to Miss Polly Erpe. Soon after the ceremony, the new married couples set out in two Post Chaises for Matlock in Derbyshire.
++And yesterday was married at All-Saints in Leicester, Hurley Vaughan Esq; Counsellor, to Miss Bracebridge, an agreeable young Lady; immediately after the ceremony they set out for London.——A great many more matches are talked of, and ’tis expected will be speedily consummated; so happy a disposition at present reigns predominant in Leicester,——

Here Love his golden Shafts employs, here lights
His constant Lamp, and waves his purple Wings:
Here reigns and revels; ———

++Last week died at his House near St. Martin’s Church in Leicester, Joseph Cradock, Esq; a gentleman possessed of a very large fortune, which descends to his only son. And on Sunday last died at his House at Knighton Edmund Cradock, Esq.