Henry Erpe, Grocer

HENRY ERPE, Grocer, in Gallowtree Gate, Leicester, desires those Persons, who intend taking up any Bees, this Season, and have not yet apply’d to him, will let him know before the 13th of August next, as no further application will be made. He will exchange Honey for Combs on advantageous Terms, to such Persons who have occasion to use their own Honey, for which a proportionable quantity will be given according to the Age and Weight of the Hives.
++N.B. None will be taken but what are delivered at Leicester in the Hives, on which account a better price will be given.
++Thirty or Forty Hives to be Sold fit for Stores, and a Sett of collateral Bee-Boxes, with Glass-Doors for three Colonies; also fine Honey and Wax and all sorts of Groceries, Wholesale and Retale on the most Reasonable Terms.