four persons received sentence of death

On Saturday last the Assizes ended for this county and borough, when four persons received sentence of death, viz. Matthew Bott, the elder, late of Bagworth, aged 78, convicted of forging a bond for 80l. John Townsend, late of Coleorton, convicted of felony and burglary, in breaking open the house of James Prince, and stealing thereout a coat and waistcoat and one shilling in money. William Irish and Thomas Horner convicted of sheep-stealing. — John Squires for stealing a silver watch, was ordered to be transported for seven years, and Benjamin Chapman, for receiving the same, 14 years. William Jeffry’s for returning from transportation was ill, and could not take his trial. Eleanor Trowell, Ann Hacknall, George Paget, and Francis Waine, were acquitted. The two sheep-stealers were reprieved before the Judge left the town, and Bott and Townsend, ordered for execution on Monday se’nnight.
++The case of Matthew Bott is somewhat singular, and something may be urged in mitigation of his crime, tho’ not in justification of it. We are informed that the above Bott was some time ago left an annuity of 4l. per ann. payable out of a certain estate; upon the sale of which estate, he was persuaded to relinquish his interest therein by one Astell, now deceased, to whom the estate had been left; it is apprehended that Bott reflecting on his own imprudence, in giving up his right without a proper security, (notwithstanding he had the interest-money paid him by Astell’s executors) induced him to have recourse to the expedient of forgery; and being persuaded by a pretended friend, who wanted to borrow some money of him, he was advised to claim the money supposed to be due, by virtue of his bond, being told that if not claimed in 6 years it could not continue in force, which advice he fatally followed, and is ordered for execution.